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EDUCATION-Lisa Gauthier

Greetings Dept. of MA ALA members!
My name is Lisa Gauthier and I am your EDUCATION CHAIRMAN this year.
I am promoting the “GIVE 10”. When you participate in this, please also consider homeschoolers.
Reach out to local homeschool groups/families to let them know there are supplies available to them.
You can probably contact your local library or word of mouth to reach them.
You could even start a “ supply bank” and donate towards educational field trips. Some parents (public/
homeschool etc) can’t afford supplies or to send their children on field trips. Field trips are important to
help make learning fun.
I would also like to encourage people to write to their Representatives & Congressmen to support
school choice and to allow the money to go to families that homeschool, or go to Charter schools etc.
Homeschool parents have to pay out of pocket for everything. They pay a monthly fee per child. They
pay attorney fees. They purchase all their own supplies etc.
We also need to get the word out on all of our wonderful “ EDUCATION AWARDS”.
We need to let students know that ALL students are eligible. Regardless of whether they attend public
school or are homeschooled.
The same is true for GIRLS STATE. ALL students are eligible.
Get in contact with your guidance department at your local high-school. Have an alliance with them to
get the word out about all of our programs. They can be found at: click on
SCHOLARSHIPS for information
BE THE ONE to help a child learn
BE THE ONE to let a child know you care
We’re going to have a great year this year! I look forward to seeing & hearing about all you accomplish!
REMEMBER promoting our EDUCATION AWARDS is a great way to get new members!
Lisa Gauthier
ALA Dept of MA
Education Chairman

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Auxiliary Emergency Fund-Maggie Roy

My name is Maggie Roy past Department President. We are getting excited for the next year to help our American Veterans throughout the United States.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Southern part and parts of the Midwest.  There has been many storms that devasted those areas with  thunderstorms, tornados, and Floods.   Veterans that are in need and  have lost their homes and Loved ones from these devastating weather patterns definitely need our help.  In 2018 there were Auxiliary AEF Grants available for hurricane Florence who sweep the Carolinas . I’m sure all of the unit’s and districts are familiar with this program and are willing to help you with any questions you have or get in touch with me at and I will help. In a Crisis, Veterans are helped with a financial hardships due to personal crisis too.  Members who are left without shelter or food because of the tragedy, or unemployment or educational training we help.  We also give out gifts and baked goods to help our Veterans and their families .  In my Unit we give at every meeting and at our District meetings too.   we accept any amount at the end of the year.  There will also be an award to any District or Unit who have worked to  help our Veterans. THANK YOU

In Service for our Veterans



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Membership-Millie Larson

Our goal for 2023-2024 is to reach 100% for membership! 

Let’s get creative and have fun and make it exciting to welcome new members.  Here are a few tips and encouragement to add members to your Unit.

  1.  Have a bake sale, put up a table for a membership drive
  2.  Have a craft fair, put up a table for a membership drive
  3.  Anytime your Post is having a function, put up a table and host a membership drive
  4.  Talk to prospective members, sell your Unit, tell people what you do
  5.  Be the One to bring in a new Senior member Be the One to bring in a Jr member
  6.  Have a contest within your Unit or District, women love competition, give an award
  7.  Remember, we have done this before and WE Can Do it Again!!!  
  8.  Let’s get excited about what we do and why we do it….  What’s your Why?
  9.  Give out awards for the Unit who achieves their membership quota
  10.  Introduce yourself to new faces that come into your Post

How do we keep our current Membership up?  Again, let’s get creative.  I know most have elderly so make them feel like part of the Legion family.  Host a get-together at your Post for the members that don’t get out much, perhaps a Saturday or Sunday brunch to thank them for being a member and for all that they have done.  Have a craft night where you get together to create crafts for a craft fair, how about making poppies together?  Bring in a few pizzas and make poppies, it’s a blast!  Get to know everyone a little bit better and thank them for being a part of the Legion family.  Things work a little better when you’re in a relaxed atmosphere.  Host a breakfast or lunch for your members, remind them how thankful The American Legion Auxiliary is to have them.

We can do this!!!  Just ask me how I am available to help in any way!  Please reach out, let’s talk it up!  Questions about eligibility, ask me!  Make it exciting, ask them Why and tell them your why!

I can be reached at  

Let’s have an exciting year full of new faces…  and thank you 😊

Department of Massachusetts Membership Chairman

Millie Larson


Poppy-Ann Fournier


National Security-Kathy Larrivee


VA&R-Donna Blattenberger

POW/MIA Brochure



Risk Compliance- Purpose: to review policies and procedures of the Department to identify possible threats to our organization financially, legally, tax exempt status and trust by members in our organization. To make recommendations of proper procedures for oversight, internal controls and a system for checks and balances.

Carolyn Singer-Baranowski

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