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State House, Room 546-2, Boston, Massachusetts 02133

American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts

4-28-17 - Membership Reports as of 4/22/17. Calendar events added (working towards coming year). In Memorium updates. Updates to Department Presidents listing with themes.

3-4-17 - New dates added for Naturalization Ceremonies.

2-25-17 - Membership Reports as of 2/22/17. Calendar updates.

2-24-17 - End Of Year Reports Button added with links to "Green Sheets."

2-18-17 - Partnership for Kids flyers posted on Events Flyers page.

2-13-17 - New naturalization dates added.  In memorium updated. Membership reports as of 2/10/17.  Chairmen listing amended.

2-1-17 - Membership Reports as of 1-28-17.

1-31-17 - Girls State Orientations added to calendar.

1-29-17 - Check Secretary's Mesage button for important information on National Convention and important information from your membership team!!

1-24-17 - Call to DEC with luncheon posted. (this is the postponed meeting from January)

1/18/17 - Membership Report as of 1/13/17.

1/9/17 - Message from membership team...check membership button.

1/6/17 - District Four updated Necrology.

1/5/17 - New/updated Naturalization Ceremonies added to events calendar.

1/3/17 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Membership updated as of reports from 12/31/16. Updated Girls State Page to include dates for Girls State and Girls Nation for 2017. Also NEW email for Girls State Director. Change to Department email address effective 1/6/17.  Please make these changes in your contacts listings. 

12/27/16 - Call to DEC posted. In Memorium updated.

12/12/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 12/10/16.

11/29/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 11/25/16. Fall Conference handouts posted.

11/21/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 11/18/16.

11/18/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 11/45/16. Standing rules updated.  Handouts from Fall Conference will be posted shortly.

11/1/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 10/31/16.

10/29/16 - Fall Conference Button for Handouts. Update PDP page.

10/25/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 10/21/16. In memorium update.

10/24/16 - New message on Secretary's page.

10/16/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 10/14/16.

9/26/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 9/23/16.

9/23/16 - Membership updated as of reports from 9/16/16.

9/19/16 - New Membership Report Page. Updated In Memorium.

9/9/16 - Naturalization Ceremonies Schedules added to calendar.

9/5/16 - Program Action Plans posted. Update on District Rosters. Calendar entries.

8/15/16 - Updated Program Action Plans and In Memorium.

8/11/16 - Education Award Applications posted both for Department and National.  Some Program Action Plans Posted.

7/22/16 - POW/MIA Department Program Action Plan posted along with PR tools and tips on how to used the various media outlets.  New side button for National Award Cover Sheets.

7/20/16 - The start of Department Program Action Plans being posted with Public Relations being the first.  District 3 POW Service added to calendar.  Updated various district pages with officers and chairmen information.

7/7/2016 - Award Sheets for membership posted to membership page.

7/6/16 - check Secretary's page for message from National with link to this year's "Programs Action Plan." (Formally plan of action).  

7/3/16 - Department Happenings tab, Department Fundraisers and call to DEC tab.  Please check out these and all other items. provide your feedback and/or corrections so that we may continue to strive for improvement.

6/23/16 - Updated in Memorium. Thank you for Memorial service program from 2016 and for input from Norm Scott.  Updated President's message page.  NEW/Revised Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules are posted. Event Flyer posted for American Legion POW/MIA program.

6/8/16 - added button and message from Americanism Chairman.  Information for National Convention

6/6/2016 - re-vamping site.  Message button where chairmen may have messages posted.  Information on Department President's testimonial.  Many Calendar entries.  Department Officers posted.  Updating of links on some pages.  Much more to come. 


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