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State House, Room 546-2, Boston, Massachusetts 02133

American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts

Worcester County

OFFICERS 2016 - 2017


DIRECTOR:                                                 Patricia Maillet

SR. VICE DIR.:                                            Monique Connor

JR. VICE DIR.:                                            Christien Chamberland

SECRETARY:                                              Jean Reed

TREASURER:                                              Virginia Gingras

CHAPLAIN:                                                 Linda Amidon

HISTORIAN:                                                Dee Holt

SGT- at - ARMS:                                          Beverly Higley

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                    Marian Woodcock

                                                                        June Mezzanotti

                                                                        Lisa Gauthier

                                                                        Carol Chenevert

                                                                        Margaret Langlois

                                                                        Debra LeRay

                                                                        Cynthia Kelly (ex officio)      




Americanism:                                                 Linda Amidon

      Naturalization:                                        Annette Scott

Aux.Emergency Fund:                                 Mary Brick

Cavalcade of Memories:                               Rachel Grout

Children & Youth:                                        Patricia Maillet

Christmas Gift Shop:                                    Jean Reed

Constitution & By-Laws:                              Jean Reed

Community Service:                                      Patricia Powers

Education:                                                      Coral May Grout

Girls State:                                                     Annette Scott

Juniors:                                                          Monique Connor

Leadership:                                                    Beverly Higley

Legislation:                                                     Beverly Higley

Membership:                                                  Cynthia Kelly

National Security:                                         June Mezzanotti

Past Pres. Parley:                                          Beverly Higley

Poppies:                                                          Linda Amidon

POW/MIA:                                                    Marian Woodcock

Public Relations:                                            Linda Amidon

Student Trooper:                                          Jean Reed

V. A. V. S.:                                                     Jean Reed

      Service to Veterans:                                Lillian Collette



Winchendon:                                                 Virginia Gingras



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