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State House, Room 546-2, Boston, Massachusetts 02133

American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts



Director                                                           Karmen Mitchell

Senior Vice                                                     Nancy Griffin

Junior Vice                                                      Gloria Schilling

Secretary                                                         Charlene Gero

Treasurer                                                         Anna Farnams

Chaplain                                                          Delores Lillie

Historian                                                         Gail Nelson

Sgt.-At-Arms                                                  Thersa Marby

Executive Committee                                     Leona Meczywor

                                                                        Clementine Brothers





Americanism                                                   Gail Nelson

Auxiliary Emergency Fund                             Gail Nelson

Cavalcade of Memories                                  Nancy Griffin

C & Y                                                             Anna Farnams

Gift Shop                                                        Charlene Gero

Community Service                                        Nancy Griffin

Constitution & Bylaws                                   Charlene Gero

Education                                                        Gloria Schilling

Field Service                                                   Gail Nelson

Girls State                                                       Gloria Schilling

Juniors                                                             Nancy Griffin

Leadership                                                      Anna Farnams

Legislation                                                      Anna Farnams

Membership                                                    Karmen Mitchell

National Security                                            Gail Nelson

Naturalization                                                 Gail Nelson

P. P. P.                                                            Nancy Griffin

Poppies                                                            Gail Nelson

POW/MIA                                                      Gail Nelson

Public Relations                                              Gail Nelson

VA & R                                                          Charlene Gero


Hospital Chair – Northampton                       Clementine Brothers

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